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Cheap Parcel Delivery from UK to Russia

The parcel delivery services that we offer from the UK to Russia are easy and quick to use, as well as affordable, secure and honest. Our services can be used to ship a wide range of packages, including gifts, eBay items and more. We offer incredibly competitive rates to ensure your satisfaction and in return you can have peace of mind knowing your parcel is in safe hands. In the years we have been organizing deliveries from the UK to Russia our customers have enjoyed a smooth and efficient service.

We have worked tirelessly to improve our service. We have partnered with some of the best and well motivated couriers in the business. Our service will help you deliver parcels from the UK to Russia within a maximum of three days. We take extra care and caution to ensure your parcel is delivered to its rightful destination. Our delivery mechanisms are easy, efficient and verifiable. We also keep track of all pending deliveries 24X7 until they arrive to their destination. In case you are looking to ship any parcels to Russia, we invite you to use our service today.

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About Russia
Russia is part of the former Union and is the world’s largest country with a total land mass of about 17,075,400 square kilometers. The country also has the world largest reserves of energy and mineral resources. It is one of the global superpowers. The capital city of Russia is Moscow with major cities including St. Petersburg and Kazan. Generally the climate in Russia is humid with the northern part of the country, which includes Siberia, dominated by the cold North-Arctic climate. However, Russia has very severe winters with temperatures going for as low as -71°C. The country has a modern and advanced transport system, with metro systems marking every major city in the country.
Points of Interest
Moscow Kremlin
Saint Basil's Cathedral
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