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Send a parcel UK, Europe and Worldwide

The number of people who need to send a parcel these days has increased massively due to eBay. eBay attracts buyers not just from your local area but from across the country and even from across the world. This is great for the seller as the more people bidding on an item; the higher the sale price can end up being. But to attract these additional, potential buyers you need to be able to offer them a cheap and reliable parcel delivery courier service to where ever they are in the world.

Cheapest way to send a parcel

So why use Weareparceldelivery to send a parcel. The answer to this is simple, price. Thanks to are massive buying power, we are able to offer discounts of up to 60% off the standard prices from top courier companies such as Parcelforce, City Link, DHL and UPS,

Other reasons to send a parcel

We don’t just send parcels for eBay buyers and sellers; we send parcels for all sorts of reasons. Many of our customers are students needing to send a parcel of personal effects between college or university and home. We also help tourists and people travelling and working in the UK send parcels home as it is cheaper than paying excess baggage charges when they travel back.

Small businesses needing to send a parcel

Many small businesses who only send a parcel on the odd occasion or who want to send a parcel to a country where they do not send enough parcels to, to get any discount can save themselves money by using our parcel delivery courier services.

So whatever the reason is, if you need to send a parcel cheaply, quickly and reliably use Weareparceldelivery to send it.

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